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Let us worry about your copier and printer, so you can worry about running your business.

As a business manager, you have a hierarchy of responsibilities.

When low priority tasks, like maintaining the office copier, demand your attention, it wastes company time and kills productivity.

You shouldn’t be distracted with:

You need a printer and copier leasing company that offers comprehensive office equipment service so you can focus on what matters — running your business.

Epic Office Solutions is a printer and copier company in Jacksonville, FL providing simplified, flat rate billing, annual contract upgrades, and guaranteed same-day service.

Simple pricing. Simple billing. Simple service. Now, that’s Epic!

What makes Epic Office Solutions Different?

We make billing easy to understand

Copy machine service invoices should be simple and straightforward, but that’s rarely the case. Our flat-rate pricing plan ensures simple, consistent billing that you can comprehend with just a glance.

We never auto-renew your contract without asking

The needs of your business change every year. So companies that auto-renew your contract without asking aren't serving you well. At Epic, we follow up before your contract expires to find out how your needs have changed.

We come to your office in 3 hours or less

At Epic Office Solutions, we consider all office equipment breakdowns an emergency. You can expect us at your door for printer repair in Jacksonville, FL within 3 hours, or you’ll get a free case of paper on us.

Our office printer leasing plans are simple to start and easy to understand

Looking for copier sales and service? We make it easy:

  1. Request a free consultation
  2. Tell us about your needs and budget
  3. Select your equipment and an install date
  4. Enjoy ongoing maintenance and copier repair in Jacksonville, FL
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Need immediate copier repair in Jacksonville, FL? Call us.

Epic Office Solutions hires the most experienced and skilled copier repair technicians to work on your office equipment. So you can always trust that your equipment is in trustworthy hands, no matter who is working on your copier or printer.

We work on all printers, copiers, and scanners, no matter the brand. And if you need to purchase equipment, Epic is an authorized dealer for Epson, Toshiba, and Brother office equipment.

When you need copy machine repair, you can call Epic any time. We can almost always fix your office copy machine before the end of the day.

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A copy machine company in Jacksonville you can trust

With more than 27 years of industry experience with office equipment repairs and service, Epic Office Solutions has dealt with every problem imaginable in copier service.

Without question, what local businesses want most from their printer leasing company in Jacksonville is…


They don’t want their document management company to charge them outrageous overage fees for going over their printing quota.

They don’t want to pay for a full color copy just to include their logo on an otherwise black and white page.

They don’t want to wait all day for their copier repair service technician to show up for a simple fix.

We took all of these requests to heart when we started Epic Office Solutions.

The result?

The simplest office equipment leasing solution on the market.

Whether you need to lease a new printer, or just need a one time repair, we know you’re going to be pleased with our service.

Contact us today to speak with someone from our sales office. We will learn about your needs and help you choose a plan that works for you.


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