Copier & Printer Repair

Printers often break down at the worst time, like while printing a massive document with a tight deadline.

Nothing is more infuriating than waiting for a copier and printer technician all day only to discover they don’t understand your equipment or forgot their tools.

At Epic Office Solutions, printer repair is straightforward and reliable:

  • We’ll be at your office to repair your printer within 3 hours — guaranteed
  • We’ll always send experienced and trained technicians you can trust
  • We complete most repairs on the first trip to get you running again ASAP

We offer one-time service, service contracts, and emergency repairs for equipment purchased from us.

Repair services include WiFi or wireless connectivity issues, fax machine issues, and glitches with multifunctioning copiers.

We Serve Small Businesses

With 27 years experience in the industry, we recognize that not every business needs a massive machine that runs millions of copies.

Our commitment to our customers is honesty. We will never try to sell you something you don’t actually need.

You can feel confident trusting the advice of our experts at Epic Office Solutions, because our goal is to be by your side as your business grows and thrives.

Much more than just a copier company, at Epic Office Solutions, we want to be your partner in making your business run more efficiently.

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We Serve Large Corporations

At Epic Office Solutions, we are proud to service business systems of all sizes.

We serve large corporations, such as healthcare companies, major law firms, accounting firms, and more. Businesses across the United States trust Epic with their office solutions because of our easy-to-understand pricing, expertise in the field, and dedicated customer service.

Epic is a family-owned company with technicians living in your area that you know by name.

A local company with big business expertise — now that’s Epic!

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Toner Cartridges

Schedule recurring monthly or quarterly ink and toner deliveries, and never run out of office supplies again.

Copiers & Printers

Every piece of marketing collateral that leaves your desk should look pristine with a high quality printer.

Leasing Vs. Buying A Printer

We want you to make the most informed decision when it comes to your office equipment. Some businesses prefer to lease their printer, while others choose to purchase it outright. Still, some lease their equipment, and then buy it later to ensure it meets their needs.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of leasing versus buying an office copier:



  • Less expensive up front
  • Maintenance and repairs handled
  • Upgrade anytime as needs change


  1. More expensive over time
  2. Contractual obligation
  3. Continuous monthly payments



  • Less expensive long term
  • Tax deductible office expense
  • No leasing contracts required


  1. Large up-front cost or down payment
  2. Outdated equipment resale hassle
  3. Responsible for service and repairs

Want to try before you buy? You can start with a lease to try out your equipment and ensure it works for you before making a purchase. Choose to buy your equipment at any point during your lease agreement. Most small businesses choose to lease their copier and printer to keep costs low up front and ensure maintenance and repair are included in their plan.

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