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Copier sales & service should be as simple as… well, making a copy.

If you run a business, you need office equipment that is reliable and efficient.

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect your printer and copy machine company to offer simple billing and straightforward service. But it’s often much more confusing than it should be:

At Epic Office Solutions, we understand that what our customers really want is easy-to-use equipment, knowledgeable technicians, and a simple pricing model. So that’s exactly what we give them.

What makes Epic Office Solutions Different?

An easy-to-understand pricing model

Copier service invoices sometimes have more hidden fees than your cable bill. But not at Epic Office Solutions. We keep billing simple with plans that include no meter reads or overage charges.

Check-ins instead of auto-renewals

At Epic, you won’t just get a reminder that your lease is about to renew. We’ll find out how your needs have changed and provide a custom lease each year that reflects your current printing requirements.

Response time in 3 hours or less

It’s often the large and urgent projects that result in office equipment breakdowns. That’s why Epic Office Solutions promises to be at your office fixing your printer within 3 hours or give you a free case of paper.

Simple Plans. Affordable Equipment.

If you need a new copier, printer, and scanner, we make it easy:

  1. Schedule a free consultation at your office
  2. Discuss your printing needs and budget
  3. Choose your equipment and an installation date
  4. Enjoy stress-free, ongoing printer and copy machine service

When you need a copier and printer leasing company, no one does it better than Epic.

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Printer & Copier Repairs in Longview, TX

At Epic Office Solutions, we understand that you need equipment that works when you need it most to run your business effectively. So when it comes to copier and printer repairs in Longview, TX, you can expect us to arrive at your office within 3 hours of your request and get the job done on the first trip.

We’re an authorized dealer for Epson, Toshiba, and Brother office equipment. And when it comes to printer and copy machine repairs in Longview, we can do it all, no matter the make or model.

If you are looking for copier repair services, call Epic Office Solutions today.

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An office equipment supplier you can trust

The real challenge businesses face when choosing the right copier company in Longview is understanding what makes one better than the other.

After all, the equipment and service are virtually the same. Every decent supplier provides:

  • Printers that work well
  • Ink and toner delivered on time
  • Technicians who know what they’re doing

Epic Office Solutions has been in the office equipment business for more than 27 years. But that’s not why customers choose us. The reason companies in Longview trust us is because we understand what they want most from their printer and copier supplier...


Simple billing. You shouldn’t have to pay 1.5X per page in overage fees just because you had a big print job you didn’t expect this month. At Epic, you don’t. Overages charges are a thing of the past.

Simple equipment solutions. Simple equipment doesn’t mean our equipment isn’t complex. It means it’s easy to use and meets your needs. If you need high functionality, high speed, and high capacity, you got it. But what if all you really want is an easy-to-operate machine to copy or scan a document when you need to? You have our commitment that we won’t sell you anything beyond what you really need.

And simple service. When you call us for printer service or office equipment repairs, we’ll be there the same day because we treat all of your requests with urgency.

We’re a printer and copier leasing company in Longview, TX that puts our customers’ needs first, which is why local businesses love working with us.

Simple equipment. Simple billing. Simple service. Now, that’s Epic Office Solutions!

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